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11/24/19 - Simen Mountains - Day One - Part Two

We walked further down the trail and, following a section of the road, we ran into another group of geladas. They were heading along the trail. Most took the easy route, but some of the younger ones preferred to scramble up an eroding section of the hillside, sometimes slipping and sliding.

We headed on, and there were even more spectacular views. The Simien Mountains are canyon country, but there is a lot of rainfall. Everything is lush and green, all but the steepest canyon walls.


Another old male gelada

Scrambling up the eroded cliff

Mom and baby

Another ride

Green country

Ground cover in bloom

One of the views

A view off the edge

Another view

A green tangle


Another view

More scenery

The trail

A teasing view

Yet more of the trail - We covered a fair bit of ground.

Another look

More ground cover

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