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11/23/19 - Simien Mountains - Day One - Part Three

We drove back to the lodge through Debark. There was a farmers' market in progress, but it was hard to photograph much of it. Still, the streets were busy with people and livestock and stores and stands selling just about everything.

Back out the lodge, we spotted an eagle perched on a tree. He or she was most cooperative, so we have a few good photographs including one in flight.

Then, we heard some commotion outside. We had visitors. A group of geladas were right outside our room. Geladas like to sleep at the base of canyons to discourage birds of prey. These were heading down and paid a call while passing our perch.

Debark, a market town

Fussball is surprisingly popular with young men in Ethiopia.

A poor photo of the farmers' market

The view waiting for us back at our room

That eagle

That eagle again

That eagle in flight


On the retaining wall

In the trees

Heading down the hill - There's a reflection of another primate there.



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