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11/11/19 - Tigray - The Road to Axum

Ethiopia is a big country, so things are far apart. The roads aren't great for long distance travel, so the best way to get from region to region in limited time is by Ethiopian Airlines. Unfortunately, the flight schedule is limited. Some cities only have flights on certain days, and while there are many flights to and from Addis Ababa, flights between second tier cities only run on certain days.

We had flown into Tigray at Mekele, but to get to Lalibella, we flew out of Axum. That meant getting up at dawn and seeing more of Tigray, if only out of our car window.

Dawn at Korkor Lodge

A bit later

Even later

The sun has risen.

A view from the car window

Fields of grain

Stone construction

Two small stores in a small town

The road through the hills

A shrine?

Another view

Flowering bushes

A larger town with a dress shop - Click the image to zoom in for a better view of the mannikins.

An long crested eagle

Sunny fields

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