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11/10/19 - Tigray - Abrahem Atsebena

We woke up early in Tigray and watched the bright equatorial sun rise swiftly. We spent the morning exploring Abrahem Atsebena, a church named after the Axumite kings Abreha and Atsbeha who ruled in the fourth century and established Christianity as the state religion. The church itself was carved into the earth.

It took us a while to get used to artistic style, but our guide pointed out illustrations of the story of Adam and Eve and, a common theme in Ethiopian religious art, St. George slaying the dragon. It is hard for the photographs to show just how high the ceilings are and the haunting sense of age and solidity in the interior.

The view from our room at Korkor Lodge

Morning light on the rocks across the valley

More morning light

Plant life

A long crested eagle

An old tree

A hornbill

The scene

The church entrance

A visitor

Inside the church

Highly decorated

More wall paintings

More bible stories

Adam and Eve are on the left

High ceilings

Wonderful light

A market outside the church

The church on a hill

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