<< Kenai Fjords - Part 1

09/12/18 - Kenai Fjords - Part 2

There were other glaciers to stare at in amazement, and there were sea birds - puffins, cormorants and others. Our route back took us to some of the little islands full of birds and sea lions and mystery.

It was a perfect day to be on the water.

The seals on ice, again


More scenery, mountains, ice and clouds

There's a little glacier peeking out there.

A tiny, little baby glacier

Mountains and ice

There was a bit more haze in the afternoon.

There was also a bit of cloud.

Even more scenery

Near and far

Birds on the rocks

A dramatic cliff

Sunning Steller sea lions

More sea lions

Another view

Yet another look

Yet another glacier

A closer look

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