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09/11/18 - Kenai Fjords - Part 1

Having spent some time on ice and some time on land, we spent the next day on the water. We took a Major Marine tour, and while we had an indoor table available to us, we spent almost the entire trip out on the deck.

The scenery was spectacular. The harbor itself was beautiful, blue water surrounded by mountains and glaciers. We headed south towards more spectacular scenery. We took a detour to visit an orca, then headed into the next fjord over and made our way to a spectacular glacier.

The ice was covered with seals, and we lucked out and saw a few chunks of ice break off of the glacier and plunge into the icy water.

Seward harbor

A mountain with a minor glacier

More mountains, more snow and ice

A major ice field

More water, mountains and ice

Rock formations

Another bit of water

An orca, exhaling

Approaching the big glacier

More scenic islands

More scenery; Alaska has no shortage of scenery

Rock formations

The big glacier

Seals on the ice

The glacier and sea ice

Blue ice

Caves to explore another time

The glacier again

Another view of the seals

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