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09/14/15 - Mait's Rest

Our next stop was Mait's Rest, a magical place right off the Great Ocean Road in the Otways. Almost immediately we descended into a fantastic forest of tall beeches, flowering eucalyptus, cycads and ferns. It was dazzling, gem-like, and overwhelming. It was so true to our imaginings of what a rain forest should be like that there was an air of unreality.

The great trees, beeches and flowering eucalyptus, were too tall for us to see in their entirety. The latter are the tallest flowering plant in the world, The cycads provided a lower ceiling with their oversized fronds and fan-like appearance. Below were the ferns, the fungi and a host of other rain forest competitors. It was a short walk, but wonderful.

The trail descending

A nurse log, not common in Australia

Cycads above

More cycads

Even more cycads

One of the tall trees

A bit of a tall tree, larger than it looks here

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