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09/13/15 - Great Ocean Road - The Otways

Heading east from Port Fairy we stopped briefly at the Bay of Islands, but this time we skipped the more famous sites. We zipped by the Twelve Apostles amusement park, the London Bridge and the like. Our first real stop was one of the places we had missed on our last trip. We were looking for Moonlight Cemetery Road and nearly missed it. Unsealed, it led towards the coast. We took a short walk to the overlook for the views.

Down below us, the sea washed the broad flat rocks, covering them and then lowering to let them drain in a lacy pattern of foam and water. It was mesmerizing. Pulling ourselves away, we walked along the Great Ocean Trail a bit. Our first stop here was the cinnamon fungus shoe washing station where we scrubbed the dirt from our shoes and then washed them in soapy water. We stepped on the metal plate as described and our feet sank below and were surrounded by soap bubbles. We were glad to do our bit for pest control.

When not washing our feet, we enjoyed the scenery, the birds and the spring flowers. They aren't as flamboyant as in Virginia, but spring is months away in Virginia, and who can say no to the many orchids and, for us at least, exotic plants of southern Australia.

The Bay of Islands

Some birds

Some orchids

The scenery

More scenery

A lacy rock below

More of the view

A bit of the Great Ocean Trail

More spring flowers

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