<< Spit Road to Manly - 1

08/25/15 - Spit Road to Manly - 2

We left off with some bird watching and views of Sydney. The trail continued, across the cliffs then down into the thicket. We were watching a bush turkey grubbing around by the trail side when our phone rang. It was the concierge confirming our hair appointments.

We walked on through rain forest and suburb and across charming beaches. We could see the Manly ferry across the water. The trail was paved and our final approach was along suburban streets. Exhausted, we settled on the ferry for our quick voyage across the harbor, back to our hotel.

Birds with yellow patches

Another view - look carefully and you can see Sydney skyscrapers

A flower with a wonderful scent - We can hardly wait for the iPhone 12 with smell-o-vision.

Another exotic flower

The headlands

The trail below

Beaches and Manly

The bush turkey

More trail

Another beach

The wild intrudes.

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