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08/24/15 - Spit Road to Manly - 1

Sydney reminds us of Los Angeles. There is a perfectly modern metropolis, but here and there one finds touches of the primeval. Sydney Harbour hosts a modern city with office towers and suburban sprawl, but also a wonderful set of coastal trails.

The Spit Bridge to Manly trail starts below the unpromisingly named Spit Bridge. The trail follows an alley down from the road to the base of the bridge, past trash cans and urban scenery. Then, there is the water with sailboats, park land and the homes of the lucky few who can afford to live on the water.

We followed the trail past tidal flats, up and down sand stone cliffs, across little streams and past waterfalls. We spotted birds and views. Climbing, we had a magnificent view of the office towers of downtown Sydney not far from an array of aboriginal petroglyphs.

Spit Bridge, probably the prettier view

The trail

One of the little views




More of the trail


An easy to find petroglyph of a fish

A view of downtown Sydney

More birds

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