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04/25/15 - Port of Port Angeles

There's a new visitor to Port Angeles harbor, a rather controversial oil rig. We gather it is in town being outfitted after having spent some time in Malaysia and is now on its way to Arctic waters. Greenpeace was in town protesting, though it is likely that low oil prices will do what the protestors cannot, keep the rig from drilling up north.

The oil rig was big and gaudy, but there was also the Kayak Festival at Hollywood Beach with its tents, brightly colored kayaks and kayakers in wet suits. It was a perfect day for kayaking with lots of sun, mild winds and smooth water. We watched a bit of a kayaking class and a minor rescue with two other kayakers getting a third back into his kayak. This is trickier than it sounds.

Our visitor

The Kayak Festival

A kayaking class

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