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09/30/14 - On the Road to Port Fairy

We followed the coastal road from Penola to Port Fairy and made a few stops along the way. The Limestone Coast is named for the underlying rock, so there were a number of interesting formations. We took a chalk road to the Piccaninnie Ponds right along the coast. This was mainly grass and scrub land, but we spotted a lizard or two and found a lovely, deserted beach.

We continued along the road through flat country and noticed a mountain jutting out of the fields to the right. This was Mount RIchmond, an extinct volcano. We didn't know what to expect, and we were a bit tight on time, so we never did get to the overlook. Still, we spotted our first wild koala perched in a tree which was a real treat.

A view of an extinct volcano from Mount Gambier

The trail at Piccaninnie Ponds

One end of a lizard

The beach

The other end of the lizard, or more likely, the other end of another lizard


The trail on Mount Richmond

A koala

A better look

The road down from Mount Richmond to the flat plains below

More wild trees of Mount Richmond

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