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09/29/14 - Penola and the Naracoorte Caves - 2

One of the caves had a huge fossil bed, with ancient kangaroo skeletons. It was an active research site with a lecture area, so we got to see some restored skeletons and examine some of the interesting specimens. Then, we explored the cave's more recent history and learned a bit about Victorian cave decoration. Calla lilies are not native to limestone caves, though they are rather pretty.

Back in Penola, we visited the Katnook WInery which had excellent wines which we doubt we will ever find in the United States. We explored the town, particularly Petticoat Lane, an old, partly restored, Victorian section of town. There were a lot of charming old houses and charming old fashioned gardens, including an herb garden, open to the public. For a small donation, one could even grab a few fresh herbs for one's dinner.

To be honest, we hadn't planned on seeing this area, but we did have to get from Adelaide to Melbourne, and an article in our in flight magazine made us curious. We aren't big improvisors when we travel, but this improvisation definitely paid off.

Some restored fossils in the Fossil Cave

A cave entrance

Some flowers

Down below

A view from down below - look closely for calla lilies

Some Victorian era gardening at a cave entrance

Dramatic light

More caves

Historic Penola

An old fashioned garden

Another garden in Penola

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