<< Catarpe (Part 2 of the Devil's Creek Saga)

04/03/12 - Devil's Creek - (Part 1) To Be Continued

In the afternoon we drove out of town and up a river, literally. The road started out as a dirt road, but it forded the river several times. Now and then the road vanished completely, and we had to drive upriver through the broad wash, climbing onto the occasional island before fording onwards to new stretch of dry road. Some miles north of town, we pulled into a side canyon and parked. Then our hike up Devil's Creek began.

It followed the Creek's canyon, carved into soft rock and mud. There were gypsum intrusions and slot canyons and little caves that were carved by the bend of the stream. We were climbing slowly all along. The canyon changed and grew more open. We saw our first plants, scrubby bushes along our way. We could also see the moon rising over the canyon wall. It would be our companion for much of the journey.

Near where we parked

Entering the canyon - The floor is flat from the flooding, but completely dry now.

Overhangs and caves

A slit in the canyon

View from under an overhang

The walls of the canyon

One of the first plants we saw, a fair way up the canyon, in bloom

A view from the canyon

Canyon walls and fallen stones

The towers, among many

The moon, our companion, over the canyon walls

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