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04/03/12 - Catarpe (Part 2 of the Devil's Creek Saga)

The canyon widened and we started seeing more plants, though not all that many. The sun was setting, throwing the canyon into shadow. The moon was rising. We had made our way up via Devil's Creek canyon, and now we were returning by Catarpe, a parallel canyon.

We saw a few signs of life - guanaco tracks, mountain cat tracks and a lone feral donkey. Though the canyon was more open, the shadows were long, and we could still feel the sense of isolation.

Mineral deposits and small bushes

More mineral deposits

Dry earth, but recent water

Different rock and many shadows

Darkness comes early in canyon country.

A cave in the wall

An overhang and a surprise - read the next installment

The shadowy canyon floor

More shadows

Mountain cat prints

We saw donkey prints first, then a donkey. Luckily we did not see the mountain cat.

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