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07/10/09 - Two Notes on the Lake Angeles Trail

  1. The human urge to decorate is unabated, despite the collapse of the housing bubble. The little footbridge near the start of the trail is taking the brunt of it. It started with a few rocks along the side of the bridge, but now the artistry has spread.
  2. It is hard to capture the beauty of this trail in an ordinary photograph since so much of it flows from the height of the trees. It's like being in a cathedral. You can take perfectly good wedding pictures with a simple camera, but it takes a bit more to capture the grandeur of the space. We only have a simple camera, but Photoshop's Photomerge feature can build a vertical panorama like the one to the right.

A misty day on the Lake Angeles Trail

This footbridge is starting to look like Ediz Spit. Check the rock art decoration.

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