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05/01/09 - Good To Go Sandwich Review

To take advantage of the low tide out at Second Beach, we grabbed some sandwiches from Good To Go. We've been looking for a good place to buy sandwiches since Bonny's closed. Now we've found one. Our favorite was the hummus wrap with sweet local carrots, sprouts, tomato and other goodies. That's the one shown being eaten at Second Beach in the picture. Our second favorite was the turkey and havarti and our runner up was the tuna salad sandwich. Both of these were on a good whole wheat bread, but what made all the sandwiches so good was that the ingredients were good and flavorful. Good To Go is an organic deli, so that is part of it, but they also use local products, locally baked breads and so on, because they care about how food tastes, as well as where it comes from. All told, we were quite pleased, and we are already planning our next picnic lunch with Good To Go sandwiches.

The right way to eat a sandwich

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