Good To Go shelves stocked

Good To Go

1105 S Eunice St.
(on Lauridsen Blvd.)
Port Angeles, WA


Open: M-F 7AM-5PM
Sat 9AM-4PM
Baking Days: W-Sat

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Good To Go is our local, neighborhood organic food shop and delicatessen, and whenever they can they sell local products including breads, cheeses, wine, fruit, nuts and vegetables. That means Dungeness Valley Creamery milk, local eggs, Village Baker bread, and Mount Townsend Creamery cheese. They have really good sandwiches with options for vegetarians and vegans, and all kinds of picnic fixings. They also sell a variety of other organic products, so if you are out in the area and you forgot something at Whole Foods or PCC, it is worth dropping by or giving them a call.

Good To Go also has excellent sandwiches. If you are going on a hike, they are conveniently located on Lauridsen Boulevard, which leads to route 101 heading west, a block or two west of Race Street, which leads to Hurricane Ridge Road. We especially liked their hummus wrap which has great, sweet, local carrots in it along with smokey hummus, lettuce, tomato and sprouts. The bean burrito would feed a family of four. We also liked their turkey and havarti and their simple tuna sandwich, both on whole wheat bread. We've scanned in their lunch menu, so you can call them up with your order before your next North Olympic adventure.

NEW: Good To Go is baking again! From Wednesday to Saturday they have muffins, foccacia, croissants, chocolate chip cookies and other goodies. We've tried the cookies and croissants, and we really liked them. We'll have to work our way through their full repertoire.

Click here for the Good To Go Lunch Menu

BLOG UPDATES from Good To Go

BLOG UPDATES from the Kalebergs (big fans of Good To Go)



Good To Go at the counter

Erich at the counter

Good To Go store front

As seen from Eunice Street


Organic Produce
Local Eggs, Village Baker
Village Baker
Local Milk, Cheese
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