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09/07/08 - Timmy Maddox Memorial Service

We attended the memorial service for Timmy Maddox back on Saturday. He wasn't a close friend, but he was one of those people you notice in your life. He and his wife ran Good To Go, the natural food place on Lauridsen Boulevard. We'd drop by now and then to pick up organic produce, peanut butter and the like. Timmy was always there, always helpful, always spreading good cheer. As we said, we weren't close friends or even his best customers, but he was always someone we noticed.

He died rather suddenly, of leukemia. We found out from a friend of ours who also knew Timmy through Good To Go, and it turns out that she's been bicycling to raise money to fight leukemia. If you'd like to contribute you can follow this link to her web page.

The memorial service was held at the Olympic Park Institute which is on Lake Crescent in the Barnes Creek area along with Lake Crescent Lodge. It was a beautiful day with blue water, blue sky and the full glory of a North Olympic summer. Timmy obviously touched a lot of people in his life. Every chair was taken, and it seemed as many people were seated as were settled on the grass. There were children all over the place which is actually a good thing at a memorial service.

We didn't take a lot of pictures. You can see the stage and the banners in the picture to the right. You can also see a bit of the lake. It was a lovely service borrowing from Irish tradition, Jewish tradition, and Buddhist tradition. There was also a lot of Timmy. We may not have been close friends, but we will miss him.

It was a lovely day at OPI.

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