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11/01/06 - Our Shaman Transforming on Halloween

The Kaleberg manse is a rather mystical place in the best of times, but around Halloween things get even worse. We've always had our shaman mask to greet the hundreds of trick or treaters trolling our neighborhood, but this year our shaman mask was transformed, and our shaman had company. The wood carving is by Ron Telek a Nishga artist from British Columbia who has created a number of carved wooden masks depicting mystical transformations. The glowing skulls are little Mexican sugar skulls that we created with molds from MexicanSugarSkull.com and stuffed with little flashlight bulbs in sockets from Radio Shack. The jack-o-lantern was grown locally, in the United States, so this Halloween montage is sort of a tribute to NAFTA, which some folks find pretty scary in and of itself.

Our Shaman on Halloween

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