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01/19/05 - Wind and the Trail

We were out at the Spruce Railroad Trail today, hoping for a walk around Lake Crescent. The snow and the ice have all melted, but you can see the tree damage caused by the heavy snow load and the strong winds. In fact, the winds were pretty strong today and were blowing around a lot of the little twigs and branches on the ground. There were white caps on the lake, and there were breakers at East Beach. You could see them from the road.

As for the trail, it is rough going. A lot of trees lost branches, and a lot of those branches, and in some cases entire trees, are blocking the trail. You can make your way along, but it is rough going. We cleared out a bit of this and a bit of that, then we gave up and went home. With the high winds still shaking the boughs, we were spending a lot of our time heads up, watching for potential deadfall.

We'll give things a few days to settle down and then we'll check things out again.

Keywords: spruce railroad, winter, lake crescent