08/27/14 - Lake Angeles Trail - Notes and Berries

We've been climbing the Lake Angeles Trail a bit lately, partly to get into shape and partly to avoid the brilliant summer sun. We noticed a memorial stone placed near the trail for Barry Koehler, the pilot who died here when his plane crashed. The two survivors of the crash are now running Harbinger Winery and Adventures Through Kayaking these days. It's been ten years now, but clearly he has not been forgotten.

On a cheerier note, we also noticed a lot of berries. It is late summer now, and all sorts of berries are ripening. So the forest is accented with reds and oranges and brilliant blues. Some we recognize, while for others we'll just share our curiosity. We haven't made it up to the lake yet, but we'll keep trying.

There is a memorial for Barry Koehler a bit off the trail.

The cathedral of the woods

Pacific dogwood

More pacific dogwood

We're not sure of these

Knick knack

More of those blue berries


We're not sure of these either

Mahonia berries ripening

Salal berries

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The Crush at Harbinger Winery

11/25/06 - Harbinger Winery: The Crush Is On

Things are bustling at Harbinger Winery. We dropped by and the grapes were in and the press was running. We tasted a number of their new wines, and really liked their Dynamo White made with riesling and cabernet sauvignon grapes. It may be autumn, but it looks like the white wine season may be extended a bit here at the Kalebergs.

More of the crush
Harbinger Winery for Luck

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04/28/06 - Harbinger Winery Is Open for Business

This is actually a busy week out in Clallam County. First, we learn that Dungeness Valley Creamery is selling raw milk in the Dungeness Valley, and now we find that Harbinger Winery is selling their own wines in Port Angeles. We've been following this for a while, since Sara Gagnon had been making wine for Olympic Cellars for some time, and rumor had it she was striking out on her own. Well, we dropped by her winery, and the wines, all reds, are quite good, and we are looking forward to some good drinking. The winery itself might be in an industrial area, but it is warm, cozy and charming inside. We wanted to settle down on the couch, sip some wine and pass the time o day. You'll get the feeling too. Drop by 2358 Highway 101, Wednesday to Saturday 11AM-5:30PM, or call (360) 452 4262.

P.S. The official Harbinger Winery Opening Bash will be on Saturday, June 17th, running from 7PM-10PM.

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