<< Olympic Blue Grouse in Mating Plumage

06/28/24 - Hurricane Ridge

Once again we climbed Hurricane Hill. We got the last parking spot at one of the picnic areas and hiked 1/4 mile from there to the main trailhead. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the alpine flowers were in bloom. There was the heady sense of phlox, paintbrush, lupines, pask flowers and a host of others which is our way of saying we don't remember their names. There were no marmots, but there was a herd of deer down below the trail. We were surprised to see so many.

We also saw an Olympic blue grouse getting ready to mate. We had never seen this before, so we're putting our photos in another post.

The Olympic Mountains

Another view

Melting snow

Pask flowers

More alpine flowers

The side spur we often take

A butterfly on a corn lily

A view north

A herd of deer below

Avalanche lilies

More avalanche lilies

Paintbrush and friends

Another mountain bouquet

Lupines in the middle

Phlox all over

Another mountain view

Another rock garden

More phlox

Western wall flower


Pink paintbrush with corn lilies

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