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11/07/23 - Autumn on the Little River Trail

We've been following autumn on the Little River Trail. The leaves have been falling. The river is rushing. Colors have been changing. Each time we visit, the trail and the river have changed.

A glimpse of the Little River

An old log

More of that log

Fallen leaves

Forest scene

Another view of the Little River

More flowing water

Yet more of the river

The forest trail

There's always something fascinating to catch the eye.

Green and brown

One of the bridges

Funghi, possibly planted by that 18th century mycologist Funghibility Brown

More of the thinning and changing forest

One of the moss and fern covered rock walls

More leaves

Changing color

An autumn montage

Ghost plant

The trail ambience

The thinning forest

Another ghost plant

Slime mold!

Keywords: autumn, little river