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10/18/23 - Little River Trail

We waited for the rains to start before getting back to the Little River Trail. That way we can hear the river roaring as we follow its path. We were pleased to see the new parking lot a bit farther down the road. It should be easier to park safely on busy days. They redid the start of the trail a bit, but once the initial descent start, it's the familiar trail.

The theme for this hike seems to have been mushrooms. There were lots of them. The theme for this year seems to be frogs. We've been seeing and hearing quite a few of them. There was a real tiny one at the base of a tree. Now that the rains have come, we'll be getting back to Little RIver more often, though it will soon be too cold for amphibians.

The theme for the hike

Some color change

Green and black water

More mushrooms

Yet more

The early autumn forest

The Little River

More of the river

Yet more

The trail

There's always something to look at.

We have to find out what those red things are.

Are they a fungus?

More mushrooms, definitely a type of fungus

And yet more

Some tiny mushrooms

More of the forest, with mushrooms

Can you spot the frog?

A blurry closeup

An old stump

Another fork of the river

Another view

Looking upstream

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