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09/27/23 - Mount Rainier - Carter Falls

It was rainy on our most recent trip to Mount Rainier. It was snowing at the top, so we explored waterfalls instead of the high country. the Carter Falls walk took us down to a stony river bed with mists and hills and waterfalls above. We didn't get as close as at Nerada Falls, but we had a nice, cold, wet time exploring.

Misty mountain with waterfalls

Zoomed in on the falls

Mists, mountains and trees

More mist

The rocky river bed

Some fall foliage

Some more mist

Some more bright colors

Down on the river bed

We followed the trail

Downriver a bit

A sapling

Mountain mist in the distance

An old log

We can watch mist for hours, if it isn't too cold and wet out.


The foot bridge

The waterfalls again

A last view

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