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08/04/23 - Morse Creek West - An Owl and a Hawk

The Discovery Trail heading west from Morse Creek heads across an old restored railroad bridge down to the strait. We head down that way and walk along the water when we want an easy walk rather than something more challenging. This time, there was a bit of drama as we returned across the old railroad bridge. First, we had a spectacular view of an owl in a tree beside the bridge. Then, the owl was spooked and flew off pursued by a hawk. The hawk landed briefly on the bridge railing but then flew off again chasing the owl far into the trees.

The Discovery Trail along the water

A view in the other direction

Blue water and kelp

The dike

The forest trail

The old railroad bridge

An owl

A better look

Looking at us

Looking elsewhere

Ready to fly

A terrible picture of the hawk who terrified the owl

Not a very good photo - maybe a Cooper's hawk

Morse Creek

Along the old railroad bridge

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