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05/29/23 - Farther Along the Dungeness Dike

We sometimes just take a short walk at the Dungeness Dike. Sometimes we make the full 90 minute loop from the school house parking lot to the south end of the trail. That lets us leave the dike and head down on a trail that follows the path of the old dike. This late in the spring, it's tall grass and green. We even took a short side spur to take a look at the river.

Setting the scene

More of the scene

Mountains and marsh

Along the route of the old dike

The Dungeness RIver

Further along

And further still

The old dike was completely removed

A familiar field

And farther along

Here is where they planted a forest. Give it time.

One of a few lupines

Another lupine

Pattern of stones

Last view before we left

Keywords: dungeness, spring