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05/23/23 - Foggy Day on the Lake Angeles Trail

We've been building up for the summer season by climbing as far up the Lake Angeles Trail as we can manage. So far, that's been about 1250' from the parking lot. The trilliums are gone, but the Pacific dogwood have yet to bloom. We climbed up into the clouds and didn't let a little fog stop us. We made it half way up to the lake, but the season has just started.

The stream at about 750' above the parking lot

Into the clouds

Looking down

Along the trail

Foggy forest

A cluster of trilliums

Down into the mist

Up again

Another trail view

A clearer stretch

Green forest floor

An Indian pipe

Green forest

Pacific dogwood in progress

An old tree trunk

The walkway


And more funghi

More forest

Heading down

Along the trail

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