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11/01/22 - Getting Back in Shape on the Lake Angeles Trail

We really like the Lake Angeles Trail. It is barely 15 minutes from our house and is both beautiful and a good hard workout. It starts out climbing and keeps on climbing, 2400 feet from the parking lot to the lake. It mainly passes through second growth forest though there is a lovely stream to cross on a footbridge about 700 feet up. We just start hiking and climb and climb until we tire. Then we turn around and take it easy on the way down. Now that the rains have come, there is more water in the stream and the footing is better. It is time we starting climbing again.

The stream

The trail

An old log

More flowing water

Even more water, sort of a theme with us now

Yes, that's water.

Old log in the forest

Last few berries

Ground cover with berries

Dark trees

More dark trees

The big rock about 500 feet above the parking lot

Almost back down

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