<< Christmas in Our Neighborhood

12/30/21 - Webster Woods - The Fine Arts Center

The roads were still treacherous, so we stayed close to home. The nice thing about loading the house with food for Christmas is that one has a lot of food in the house. It was still bitterly cold, in the teens, when we made our way over to the Fine Arts Center and Webster Woods.

This is a little arts center but the highlight is a forest full of art work. There are steel pieces, stone work and weavings throughout the woods which are knitted with trails. There are also some nice views of Port Angeles and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca.

Clear air today

Bare trees, gray sky, snow covered sculptures

A view of the town

A partially buried sculpture

Illuminated trees

One of the webs

Light in the forest

More light in the forest

The Pi

Christmas decorations?

More lights

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