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10/01/21 - Little River After the Rain

Now that it is raining again, after a long dry summer, we returned to the Little River Trail. Since the trail follows the Little River, it is at its best in the rainy season. The best part is about 35-40 minutes out where the trail leaves DNR land and enters the national park. We were not disappointed on our last hike. The river was lively, the trail smelled of rain and there were drips and droplets about.

A portal

False [mock] Solomon's seal late in the season

A bit of the river

A green scene

Another bit of river

One of the foot bridges

The Little River aflow

A bit of autumn color

Devil's claw

Another stretch of river

Did we remark on the rich green?

Another bit of trail

An inspiration to us all

Wet leaves

Forest trail

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