<< Simien Mountains - Day Two - Part Two

11/28/19 - Simien Mountains - Day Two - Part One

This was a less energetic day, but we traveled farther and higher. Again, we drove into the park and went well past the end of our previous days journey. Instead of climbing to something over 10,000 feet, we climbed to over 14,000 feet in search of ibex.

As we climbed, the country changed. It was grassland and drier. The views were spectacular. We even had a little adventure getting through a muddy patch. We walked a bit to lighten the load, That patch was a problem for others as well. Many people in Ethiopia get around by minibus, but, here, they had to stop, get out of the bus, take the baggage off the roof and help push the minibus through the mud.

We climbed even higher, and there they were, the ibex. They were huge antelope, and the males had dark beards and massive horns. The country was grassland, and dotted with lobelia, tall plants that look like some kind of palm tree. The ibex were calm, so we had some great views.

Dawn, from our hotel room

Two thick billed ravens

We passed many geladas en route

Drier country

A sign of high elevation, red hot poker plant in bloom

Lobelia grasslands

Mountain faces

An ibex

Another ibex

A classic high country pose

Yet another ibex

Two more ibex

Peeking out at us

Another one

Two more

Are those the same two?

A close up

Enjoying the high country

Rocks and lobelia

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