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11/21/19 - Simien Mountains - On to Limalimo

We landed in Gondar and drove into town for lunch. It was a buffet serving traditional Ethiopian food and catering to tourists. Since we were tourists and hungry, we greatly enjoyed it. We had injera with wonderful beef tibs and tried the lentils and beets. There were just too many dishes for us to try many of them.

Then we headed on to the Simien Mountains. Our road quickly took us out to the countryside. We headed into the hills and quickly gained elevation. The skies turned gray. We kept on our way, through towns and through countryside. Then, as we neared Limalimo Lodge, where we would be staying, the rain burst into hail. It clattered on our windshield. The driver turned up the heat in our car.

Our lodge was welcoming. We arrived late, in time for the sunset light and the dramatic moonrise.

The restaurant in Gondar

A woman roasting coffee at the restaurant

The buffet

The darkening skies - in a rather dark picture

The view from our car

Terraced fields

A town scene

A mosque

Traffic jam


Evening light

The view from our room at Limalomo Lodge


Our welcoming lodge


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