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11/07/19 - Tigray - First Afternoon

We arrived at Korkor Lodge in Gheralta and settled in to our room. Tigray was at an elevation of over 7000', but we were still worried about mosquitos. Most of our trip to Ethiopia was to areas 8000' up or higher, so, for us, Tigray was the insect ridden low land. To be honest, we saw two mosquitos on our entire trip. One was already dead, and the other may or may not have been an actual mosquito. Still, we were worried and put up a mosquito net over the open window of our room.

This part of Tigray has great red rock formations, eroded and fascinating and evocative of America's southwest. Still, everything was different, the plants, the birds, the fields and the place. Korkor Lodge was beautiful and a labor of love. We settled in comfortably.

After lunch, we set out down another country road and walked across fields towards the higher region at the edge of the valley. Here was another church carved into the hillside, Maryam Papaseit Church. This was a darker church and beautifully decorated with murals. It was too dark for many photographs, but there was a powerful sense of being within the earth.

Rock formations in the distance

A farm

More rock formations

The view from our room

Exploring that afternoon

Rocky hillsides

In the distance

Another rock formation

A hyrax

Inside the church

Another view

A view from the church

Another view

Tree light

More fields and rock formations

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