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10/15/19 - New York City and Central Park

We were in New York City recently and had our usual wonderful time. One of the nice things about New York City is that one can walk for miles and miles and always see things that are new and interesting. We mainly wandered west of Fifth Avenue. Between the Guatemala Day parade and the Columbus Day parade, getting cross town, even on foot, was a bit of a challenge.

Our hotel wasn't far from Central Park, so we wandered up to the Bethesda Fountain and discovered that it was full of water lilies. Then, we got lost in the maze of trails as we worked our way around the lake. That evening, we walked back from dinner, carefully avoiding Times Square. Still, the big city lights were impressive.

Central Park as seen from our hotel room

When in NYC, keep your eyes open for architectural detail.

Bethesda Fountain, full of water lilies

One of the water lilies

Another water lily

You would hardly know you were in a city here.

Olmstead's design for Central Park was all about hiding the city

Bright lights

Big city

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