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11/11/18 - New York City - Part One

We took a trip to New York City and did some serious exploring. Walking around the city is a lot different from walking around the North Olympic Peninsula, but there is always something interesting to see.

A store window

A gateway to a garden - click for a close up

Another gateway in The Village

Yet another gateway to a garden

A gateway to different kind of garden

A billboard at sea

A realtors slogan - repent, rent, repeat - with a view of the Hudson River

A view downtown on a gray day

Brants - They took down the Brant sign at the Dungeness Spit. We never saw any brants there. They are clearly city birds.

The Palm Court

A Hudson River view

Ellis Island is straight ahead with the Statue of Liberty to the left

A view of the Empire State Building

A florist on our walk home

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