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06/19/18 - Second Beach - To The Seastack

Now and then there are really low tides out at Second Beach. A low tide below three feet is perfect for walking the beach, but a zero or negative low tide is perfect for exploring the seastack. We took advantage of a recent really low tide and braved the half hour construction delay along Lake Crescent. We lucked out and found a parking spot and made our way through the woods and down to Second Beach.

We were in time for the really low tide. We made our way south along the beach and were soon on a spit of beach heading towards the seastack. Sometimes it is possible to get to the seastack dry shod, but we had to wade for a bit, but we did it. We made it out to the seastack, and we had a pleasant surprise. There were starfish there, waiting out the low tide.

The 3/4 mile trail through the forest to Second Beach

Beach mist

Driftwood, sea mist and our goal ahead

More driftwood and sea mist

The seastack

Some of the caves on the seastack

The caves we explored

A view of the beach

Caves of the seastack

A view from the south end of Second Beach

Another view from the south

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