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09/17/17 - Our Second Day at Ultima Thule - Part 2

We left our muttons and continued our hike to the east. One thing about being in such big, wide open country is that one can do a lot of walking while the scenery changes only slowly. Alaska is a big country, which is one reason we chose an air based tour. There is just so much of it.

We loosely followed the ridge, now and then heading towards the edge towards fantastic views of the Chitina River. That name means "copper river". The "na" suffix means river and appears in a lot of Alaskan river names. The "chit" part refers to copper. This region was known from time immemorial for its copper ore, and one of the biggest copper mines in the world, the Kennecott mine, was in the area.

As we progressed the land folded and revealed new, distant forms. We had a tantalizing look at some distant painted hills and glacier covered mountains. We marched on.

Leaving our muttons behind ...

Enjoying a rest

Open country

Mountain and river views

Autumn color on the mountains

Another view

Fields of dried flowers

Another distant mountain

Mountain goats; they are a bit blockier.

The painted hills

Another view of mountains and the river

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