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08/30/17 - 1987 Muscadet

For a special treat we raided wine-searcher.com and chose a 1987 Muscadet. This is an old wine of a type not usually associated with aging. Usuallly, we drink young muscadet with raw oysters. Frederick Wildman & Sons is a big importer of Muscadet, so we trusted their judgement. We weren't sure what to expect when we opened the bottle. To be honest, we were ready for disappointment.

To our delight we found a surprisingly well structured white wine that tasted something like a cross between an aged Montrachet and a flinty chablis. It really was something special. We'll be grilling up some freshly caught coho salmon in a bit, so it is unlikely this bottle will last the night, but our memories of it will.

1987 Muscadet Frederick Wildman & Sons Moscato

Keywords: wine, salmon