<< Hoh Rain Forest - Part 3

05/31/17 - Hoh Rain Forest - Part 2

Some of the biggest trees are along the trail past the waterfall, but before Five Mile Island. The trail is mainly inland here, and there are streams to cross. Some have bridges, some have conveniently placed stones and some just have to be waded across. It's part of the forest adventure.

Our goal was Five Mile Island, a camp ground and a great place to stop and enjoy a lunch with our tired feet in the icy river water. Every year the bank and flow of the river change. We found a spot to settle and ate our sandwiches. We explored a bit, then made our way back downstream.

More rain forest

The view upstream

More forest floor

Another great tree

Yet another

Yet another giant

And a forest of giants

That's a nurse log on the ground

Across the Hoh at Five Mile Island

Another view at Five Mile Island

The view downstream at Five Mile Island