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05/17/17 - San Francisco, Second Day

We spent a good part of our day wandering San Francisco's waterfront from Fort Mason heading west past Crissy Field. There are some beautiful views, and it was a sunny weekend day, so the streets and parks were full of walkers, runners, sunbathers, kite fliers, bicyclists and others out just enjoying the good weather. We made our way to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge, then we climbed to the bridge visitor center and started heading south along the Coastal Trail. According to the signs, the part of the trail that leads down to the sea was closed. Despite this, we pushed on a bit, but when the going got rough, we gave up and headed back.

That's Alcatraz in the distance

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge

A passion flower

Another view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Sea foam

A hummingbird: look closely for it's bright red feathers.

Another shot of that cooperative hummingbird

Yet another view of the Golden Gate Bridge - It is truly photogenic.

The entrance to an old bunker

Another cooperative bird

The grounds of the old Exploratorium

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