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08/25/16 - Seattle - Part 1

We made a short trip into Seattle and decided to break up our routine and try doing some new things and some new restaurants. First up was dinner at Bateau. This is a steakhouse for serious beef up on Capital Hill. Every evening they start with a list of available cuts posted on their blackboard, and as they are ordered, they are crossed out. We arrived at five, when they opened, and had the last bavette and teres major. By the time we left, they were all out of New York Strip. The beef was amazing. They buy beef by the cow and do their own aging. We loved everything. We had the sweetbreads, the wonderfully tender octopus, a deconstructed reuben sandwich and their tallow cooked french fries. There are other steakhouses in Seattle, but next time we need beef, it’s going to be Bateau.

Then we took a walk from the Alki Point Lighthouse in West Seattle. We headed east along the embankment and beach with excellent views of downtown Seattle and the port. Unlike Los Angeles with Venice and Santa Monica or New York with Rockaway, one doesn’t think of Seattle as a beach town, but West Seattle is a beach town with easy public access to the salt water of the Puget Sound, beach oriented restaurants and other businesses and the laid back ambience associated with leisure and salt water. We made our way to the Water Taxi pier which was also the home of Marination Ma Kai where we really enjoyed the tacos. The spicy pork and kalua pork tacos were also good, but the fish tacos were our favorite. The tacos were served with their surprisingly good cole slaw and lightly pickled jalapenos. We had to admire their touch with the pickling process.

The Space Needle at dusk

The bar at Bateau

West Seattle bottle tree

One of the staircases to the sea

The West Seattle beach

A certified wildlife habitat

A view of Seattle

Another view

Marination Ma Kai