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03/18/16 - Port Angeles Farmers’ Market Update

It has been a while since we’ve last done a farmers’ market update. Let’s face it. The pickings can get rather slim in mid-winter, but now spring is approaching, and things are looking green. Johnston Farm was back with winter greens and potatoes. Nash Huber was also there with late winter goodies. Spring Rain Farm had arugula and turkey eggs. They also sell chicken eggs and duck eggs. Duck eggs have hard shells and lots of creamy white. Turkey eggs are pointy and, we were told, have lots of rich yolk.
UPDATE - We have now tried the turkey eggs. They were meaty and yolky and delicious in a chorizo revuelto.

Johnston Farm

Nash’s greens

Pane d’Amore, the bread guy

Spring Rain eggs and more eggs

Nash’s roots

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