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12/14/15 - More Signs of Christmas

Do you recognize that thing to the right? That's our Christmas cassoulet, franks and beans a la Francaise. It's a dish of white beans full of duck confit, garlic sausage, pig's feet, pig skin, bacon, pork shoulder, andouille and so on, all rounded out with a bucket of chicken stock.

The other two pictures are of our Christmas party and our two Christmas trees, one large, one small. With the two trees and the roping the place turns into quite a grove, and it's all illuminated by Godzilla's atomic fire. So, there are definitely signs of Christmas chez Kaleberg.

Cassoulet - That's not perspective; that's gravitational warping.

The big tree

The little tree - That's Godzilla glowing with atomic fire on the right.

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