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10/27/15 - Olympic Hot Springs

We've only taken the Olympic Hot Springs Trail three times, but there always seems to be something happening. Our first visit, a few days after the trail had reopened after a four year closure, was rather uneventful, but on our second visit, they closed the bridge right before the hot springs. It was being replaced with a new one. Our third time we made it over the new bridge to the hot springs, but while we were exploring, a ranger approached. She was closing the hot springs. There had been a fatality the day before, and the park service was being cautious.

The trail itself was as pretty as ever. It was like something out of a fairy tale, with bubbling springs, dark glens and a host of mushrooms lining the side of the trail. The hot springs themselves were shrouded with mist, and the flowing mineral water had precipitated a bluish white glaze along the channels. The new bridge was a great log with sturdy handrails and offered a great view of the stream below. It's a wonderful walk, an hour each way from the parking lot to the springs, but be prepared. Anything might happen.

The trail

Another view of the trail

One of the many little streams

Ferns by the trailside

Mineral deposits at the hot springs

Flowing water

A hot spring spool

The upstream below

The downstream below

Hot springs closed


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