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09/17/15 - Melbourne, City of Photographers (and Graffiti Artists)

There were two things we noticed a lot of in Melbourne. First, there were a lot of weddings. This might have something to do with our hotel being across the street from the big cathedral and our stay covering a weekend. Still, there were a lot of people either getting married, watching someone else getting married or taking pictures of people getting married and watching people getting married.

That leads to the second thing. There were a lot of people taking pictures of other people. Once again, maybe it was the weekend, but it wasn't just cell phones and selfie sticks. There was a lot of serious photographic gear out there as well. It might be that Melbourne, like New York City or Venice, is one of those photogenic cities where you can just point your camera any which way and photograph something interesting.

That brings us to Hosier Lane, one of the many alleys in Melbourne's Central Business District, which doubles as an open air street art gallery and studio. Needless to say, all of this street art attracted spectators and, of course, photographers. Needless to say, we were among them.

Combining the two most popular activities in Melbourne, getting married and taking pictures - here in the middle of a major street

More mid-street photography, but with no apparent wedding

Hosier Lane photography

More photographers amidst the street art

The folks on the left were a group of street artists taking a break.

More street art

This looks like a video game screenshot.

Not all street art likes to be photographed.

Hosier Lane, another reason to visit Melbourne and bringing a camera

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