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09/09/15 - MacKenzie Falls

We continued to explore the Northern Grampians, heading off to see MacKenzie Falls. We had no idea what to expect. We hiked a bit through an exotic forest, found a small waterfall, and were reasonably impressed. Then we walked down the stairway. The staff was installing handrails, so we had a brief wait, but the falls were magnificent. There was a wonderful profusion of water falling down the aged cliff face.

We got lost on the way back, so we wound up getting another view of the falls from the far side. Even better, there were parrots posing in the bushes by the trailside.

Exotic forest

Exotic plains

MacKenzie Falls

More waterfalls

One of the parrots

Rock formations

MacKenzie Falls from across the way

A cockatoo

Even more falls

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