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10/10/14 - Crater Lake and the Assault on Marion's Lookout

We took the shuttle bus to a different starting point this time. We really like the shuttle bus system here. The road is narrow and dangerous, but the shuttle drivers are careful and experienced. As a bonus, you can start your hike at one stop and grab the shuttle back at another. It's a very sensible system.

We started at the Ronny Creek trailhead and made our way across the bogs and button grass to Crater Falls, a spectacular set of falls en route to Crater Lake. The bogs were green under the gray sky and as mysterious as the moors of England. In contrast, the Crater Falls section of the trail was green and sprightly, all boardwalk and wooden stairs as one followed the lively stream.

CraterLake itself was brooding. Here too was a boathouse and a bit further on a decision point. We considered heading down to Dove Lake where we had hiked the previous day. Instead, we tried to climb to Marion's Lookout. The trail started smoothly, then turned to steps. We were quite high up, probably not all that far from the peak, when it turned into a ladder and above the ladder a sort of vertical rocky way with a few chains for guidance. We were licked, and we knew it. We turned around and head back to Crater Lake.

Crater Falls

The bogs and the mountains

Bog land and bunch grass

One of the Crater Falls

Crater Lake in the mist

Bright flowers on a gray day

The view from our turning point

What we really didn't want to climb

Some trail

Some growth

Back to the bogs

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