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07/06/14 - The New Bridge Over Ennis Creek

It's not really new. It opened back in February, but we finally made our way down along the waterfront to see the new bridge over Ennis Creek. It links the waterfront trail accessible from Railroad Avenue near the Red Lion in downtown Port Angeles and the rest of the Olympic Discovery Trail accessible from the parking lot near Morse Creek off route 101. It was actually possible to cross the creek before, but it required a detour inland. Now, one can head east out of town or west into town and stay along the waterfront.

The area around the bridge is the Rayonier site, once a paper pulping mill, and now a toxic waste site. It's a bit industrial, but industrial softened by time as old metal rusts, old wood crumbles, and brush and plant life take back their own. Unlike the rest of the trail, chain link fences block off the waterfront for about a half a mile, but the water remains in view. The bridge itself is good looking and offers a nice view of the strait. It's not pristine wilderness by any stretch, but it's a definite improvement.

View from the bridge

The town storm water holding tank, protecting the strait from run off

Industrial site

The cordon

A less pretty view of the bridge

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